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Accounting services

  • Processing of primary accounting, including: invoices for purchases, sales, advance reports, banking operations and cash movements;
  • Preparation of an individual chart of accounts, consistent with the activities of the company;
  • Preparation of monthly statements and purchase diaries and sales diaries, VIES declarations, according to the requirements of the Value Added Tax Act (VAT);
  • VAT registration of legal entities and individuals;
  • Preparation and submission of declarations, documents or data under Intrastat for clients conducting business within the EC;
  • Preparation and submission of registration and reporting forms to the Bulgarian National Bank in connection with loans received or granted.
  • Preparation and submission of annual financial report, annual tax return and annual activity report;
  • Preparation of periodic reports for the needs of the management;
  • Preparation and submission of GTD under Article 50 of the Personal Income Tax Act to individuals.

Company registration

  • Assistance with preparation of documents, payment of fees and entries provided by our subcontractors, proven specialists in their field.


  • Preparation of payrolls;
  • Preparation of payment orders, including for the transfer of salaries, social security contributions, taxes on income from employment and non-employment relationships and other payments, in a form and manner convenient for the client;
  • Preparation of declarations 1 and 6 and their submission;
  • Preparation and submission of a payment slip for each employee by e-mail or on paper;
  • Registration and deregistration of employment contracts;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents in connection with the conclusion and termination of employment;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for payment of cash benefits and presentation of sick leaves to the National Social Security Institute (NSSI);
  • Preparation of official notes;
  • Preparation of specific reports for the needs of management.


  • Assistance in participating in audits and inspections by the bodies of the National Revenue Agency, NSSI and other state institutions, as well as preparation and submission of the necessary documents and references;
  • Assistance for tax protection in appealing against audit acts. Assistance in audit certification of annual financial statements;


  • Consulting on current accounting and tax legislation.

Other services

  • Auditing and legal services provided by our partners, proven specialists in their field.